With the introduction of PD6662-EN50131/1 all wireless interconnections from the alarm control panel to the radio detection equipment and control devices are now covered under this standard.


In simple terms as long as the alarm system complies with the BS8243:2010 standard and the installer utilises the recognised 868mhz radio band frequency, all radio systems will be deemed as a grade 2 system


Radio/wireless alarm systems although quicker to install in terms of installation time and less disruption to the premises and décor, they are more expensive in terms of the technology and features they now have built-in. Today’s systems allow for greater use of features by the end-user and their friends and family.

Selecting a Wireless/Radio Burglar Alarm

In order to select the correct wireless/radio system, this is what you should look for:

  • Correct Radio Frequency – Should conform to 868.6625 MHz frequency
  • Rolling Radio Codes or Differs – At least 1,000,000 Differs.
  • Independent Device Codes – Detectors can learn their own code or differ.
  • Radio Jamming or Interference – Allow detection of these signals.
  • Low Battery & Tamper – Alert of low battery or tamper, with zone identification.
  • Signal Strength – Display Signal Strength for recording in system documentation.
  • Ability to report these faults including mains failure to the Alarm Receiving Centre.