Technical Bulletin CHC Server Switch Off

Effective Date: From March 2018

Please note: This is only relevant to UK and Ireland regions.


Notice has recently been received from Vodafone that they are turning off TAP server SMS messaging services for intruder alarm systems over a 3-6 month period from March 2018.

SMS messaging services to EE customers may also be affected as we have received reports that EE have blocked TAP server transmissions to subscribers of the EE mobile phone network.

What this means:

Following the Vodafone discontinuation, SMS messaging generated by intruder alarm control panels that use PSTN diallers will no longer be available via the Vodafone server which currently processes the messages.

It may be possible for the TAP number within the control panel to be changed to an alternative SMS TAP service provider but no guarantees can be provided on the level or continuity of service and customers should be aware that charges for alternative services may be higher than those previously offered by Vodafone.

GSM text messaging will not be affected in any way and should continue to work as before.

We do apologise for this inconvenience, however, as this is a third-party service, over which neither the equipment manufacturer or system installers have any control, we are unable to directly resolve the issue.

What you need to do:

If you wish to continue to receive an intruder alarm notification service, then you will need to contact us to consider one of the following options which will depend on the age of your system and the software version:

1. Reprogramme the control panel to an alternative SMS TAP server number to process SMS messages (may not be suitable for EE mobile phone subscribers). Can be carried out during the routine service at no extra cost, or on a one-off callout basis, but no guarantees can be offered as this option has only proved successful on a few occasions.

2 l. Upgrade your existing system to operate over a GSM dialler which will transmit messages over the mobile phone network rather than connecting to the property land line which uses the TAP server to process signals to forward an SMS message.

3. Upgrade your existing panel/software to operate using a Wifi communications unit and cloud based App Service to send push notifications and allow full App Control to eliminate the requirement for use of a 3rd Party TAP service provider.

Costs will vary according to the age of the system and a quote can be provided on an individual basis.

We apologise for any inconvenience.