CCTV systems are proving to be the ideal solution to client security needs. Cost effective and flexible, CCTV can be stand-alone or form part of a more extensive security operation with full telemetry control and digital recording with various memory options from 50GB to 4TB and integral CD writing facilities.


Systems will allow manual, automatic and/or simultaneous viewing of all cameras with recording and playback of all camera events, high capacity hard disk storage and the facility to transfer recorded data to a VCR, DVD or to a remote PC for playback.


Systems may be linked to existing computer networks or designed to allow users to view camera images remotely from another location via a secure website on the Internet, via iPhone, iPad, android and microsoft mobile software,


  • Suitable for internal or external applications
  • Fixed or PTZ colour cameras
  • Infra red illumination for improved images at night and in low light levels
  • Local and/or remote monitoring of camera images
  • Connection to intruder alarm detection to generate police response
  • Powerful deterrent to unwanted trespass, theft & violent crime


For those customers who subscribe to the Keyholding Service, the CCTV system can be designed to transmit signals in the event of an intrusion on site to generate a Guard response at much more competitive rates than other providers offer.